1. What is your scope of work? 

I’m oversee daily operations of the Commercial team, and to make sure the team is on track to meeting their KPIs and other related matters. I report directly to the CEO.


  1. What was it like before digitalisation?

Before we went digital, there was a lot of manual work needed to be done. Most of the time we were doing a lot of paper work and spent a lot of time retrieving or looking for past transactions.


  1. Did Digitalisation make things more convenient? /How has digitalisation helped you?

          Yes, it has definitely made things more convenient, allowing my team and I to spend the time on higher value tasks such as getting in-touch with our clients and suppliers just to keep in touch or thinking of better ways to reduce costs without compromising quality.


  1. Can you give some examples?

           For example, when we receive an inquiry, we use to print out the document, and then when we want to submit it for approval, we print another set of documents, and when we want to submit it to the client, we print yet another set of documents. This wasted not only paper, but time getting the documents printed and chasing down signatures. Now, everything is available on our servers, and we can access them anytime from anywhere, making it remarkably efficient to get things moving.


  1. Was there a period required to adapt?

          About one to two weeks after we started using the system; transiting from hardcopies to softcopies.


  1. Did you undergo any training?

          Actually, just for some basic functions, because all we needed to do was follow the procedures and ask for more information and instructions when required.


  1. How long did it take for you to transit from the old system to a digitalised system?

Approximately one month.


  1. How do you think digitalisation helps with environment?

          We cut the use of paper by almost 99%,, I am sure that saved many trees.