1. What is your scope of work? 

My work scope is mainly on the commercial costing, project tendering, managing the quotation master list and generating department KPI.


  1. How long have you been with the company?

11 months


  1. When you joined the company, it was already using the digitalised system, what about it that you liked or didn’t like?

I’m really fortunate that it’s already digitalised when I joined the company. Since it’s almost zero-paper process, I do not need to print out any hardcopy documents. Time is saved to file and find paper documents. I can have a clatter free desk without the need to deal with endless stacks of papers and physical folders.

Digitalisation also enables me to work remotely since I can get all documents and information at my fingertips thanks to centralisation and accessibility of data through the ERP and shared folders.  Even document endorsement/approval from management can be done through e-signature. This is especially useful when I’ve to work from home during covid. With the ERP system already established and in place, certain documents like the Sales Order, service report or invoices can be auto generated.

One drawback is probably the increased screen time due to the need to be in front of the computer throughout the day which strains the eyes.


  1. Can you give some examples?

In preparing quotation, if I need reference material info or latest material pricing, I can easily retrieve it from previous job of similar nature from the shared folders or the ERP Purchasing system. Also, when there’s project awarded, we could easily handover documents, such as drawings, specifications and MTO to the project team via a shared folder. This makes our work a lot more efficient, and we can put the time saved into higher value tasks.


  1. Did you receive any training on how to use the systems? Or was the system very user friendly?

Yes, definitely there’s training. It took some time for me, but once I was familiar with the terms and system function, I found that the system is actually quite user-friendly.


  1. How do you think digitalisation helps with environment?

By going paperless, it basically helps to save the trees and reduce carbon footprints by reducing C02 emissions which contribute to climate change. But at the same time we have to be mindful on the carbon debt created from using more electricity as digital devices must be kept in charge. In this case, we just have to adopt responsible usage, such as switching off when not in use.