In this episode of Hired Or Fired, Xenia tries her hands at being a CEO to run an international company. Do YOU think you have what it takes to be a CEO?

Featuring ICF Group’s CEO, Annie Chua and Xenia, it presents some insights into the company operations in a fun way.

Numbers were made up but the situations are real. 🙂

This was filmed back in early October. Thanks to #EnterpriseSG for the support and encouragement in order to make this happen, and also special thanks to #TheSmartLocalSG team for an excellent job and their professionalism.


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Featuring: Xenia Tan –

Produced & Edited by: Jessalyn Chua –

Additional Videography: Victoria Low –

Estee Woo –


ICF staff involved in this episode are:

CEO – Ms Annie Chua

COO – Mr Ulf Viljanen

CFO – Mr Shawn Ow

Commercial Manager – Mr Budi Muliawan

QA Manager – Mr Tan Jian Rong

Designer/VR Specialist – Mr Paulo Jiongco

Senior Foreman – Mr Khai Thian Pau


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