As we leave behind the murky waters that the Ox has muddied, we tread carefully into the jungle where the Tiger is king. We welcome the coming of the Tiger with hope, as it clears the way for more clarity, so that new opportunities may find their dens with all of us.


It is indeed a time to be happy, and rejoice in new hope. Like the Tiger, we put our eyes forward, and never looking back, but remaining vigilant in the hunt; being sharp, yet, understanding the environment.


Other than being aware of the environment, one of our key survival traits is our openness to embrace changes and we would like to remain open to new ways of doing things. This makes us very adaptable, and our survival in 2020 through to 2021 was not by chance, but because we had developed the dexterity to be flexible yet robust; and we will continue to embrace this growth mindset.
ICF CEO, Annie Chua addressing the audience at ICF’s CNY event on 28 Jan 2022


However, we are consistently seeking innovation, discussing new ideas and bringing more value to the industries we serve. One of the key things we want to do this year, is to get rid of bad habits and re-introducing new, meaningful ones.


An example, is that we have long forgotten what it feels like to be participating in physical activities and meetings, and as measures ease and with vaccinations on the rise, we would ride on the government’s success in dealing with the pandemic to re-introduce physical activities and human interaction back into the business, and remind ourselves of the wonders of warmth that was once taken away.


Yes, we have learnt a great deal from the Ox (2021) and the Rat (2020) before that, and have implemented technologies that have helped us gain much resistance to the pandemic, and even made us more efficient and productive. And for that, I am grateful, even though we did face the pandemic’s initial consequences; but we now look forward to a new beginning with hope.


As we ride with the Tiger this year, my wish is that all of you may have #goodhealth,


2022 is going to be a #greatyear!


Yours Sincerely,


Annie Chua
CEO, ICF Group