Modernization Solutions

Marine Interior Fit Out

To maintain overall efficiency and provide convenience to passengers and customers, updated vessel interiors with modernization solutions are highly important. ICF’s modernization solutions have been designed to address the underlying problem and ensure that interiors are of modern construction and design for cruise ship, ferries, various marine vessel, luxury yacht and offshore platform.

The interior of a ship isn’t only about flooring or wall panelling that keep the technology of the vessel out of sight. The vessel interior is also a matter of safety and health or social considerations. A premium quality made vessel interior doesn’t emit harmful chemicals because of production processes.

Rather, it is made to the newest standards both in terms of safety and in terms of functionality. Having the right modernization solution to update the vessel interior is firmly anchored in our thoughts and actions to ensure a relaxed and harmonious time with other passengers as well as durable and crew friendly.

Whether it is a cruise ship, marine vessel, offshore platform or a luxury yacht, integrating the best vessel interiors modernization solutions is vital to provide a great quality convenience for all passengers while on board.